Endodontic Care

Root Canal Fairfield

Root canals have a bad reputation. However, modern tools and techniques have made root canals a surprisingly comfortable procedure. Most importantly,root canal therapy can help you avoid extraction of an internally damaged tooth. This will save you time, money, and potential discomfort in the long run.

Each tooth contains an inner core of pulp, commonly called the nerve, housed in canals that run through the tooth root. These canals carry blood and nutrients to the root and remove waste to keep a tooth healthy and strong. A deep cavity, tooth fracture, or other injury can make the canals vulnerable to infection and cause the pulp to die. The result is pain and pressure that can impact your quality of life. Because the tooth is connected to the body's blood stream, serious blood borne infection can occur if the tooth is not repaired or extracted. In some cases, Dr. Schultz can perform a root canal to alleviate the infection, preserve your tooth, and give you a terrific smile!

Your smile is worth saving! Call Brick Walk Dental Care today to schedule your root canal appointment with Dr. Schultz. We give residents of Fairfield and beyond outstanding service for eye-catching smiles!